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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. Who provides the service?

A. Where possible, Cota Home Maintenance Service uses its own employees to undertake general handyman tasks or appropriately Licensed, Accredited and Insured subcontractors.

Q. Who actually carries out the work at my home?

A. All maintenance work where possible is carried out by our licensed and experienced staff or subcontractors appointed by CHMS.
CHMS ensures all are fully qualified and licensed, police checked and insured, hold Work, Health & Safety Certification, photo identification, have a uniform and branded vehicles.

Q. Will there be a tradesperson in my area?

A. There are many contractors within each state and territory that are licensed and qualified and are undertaking job activities for CHMS. When a member calls and identifies the location by postcode, the job is allocated to the qualified tradesperson nearest that postcode location. If this tradesperson is busy or cannot attend to the job request, the request then goes to the next qualified tradesperson nearest that postcode. The member will then be contacted by the tradesperson and arrangements made to attend to the requirements. On average it takes us no longer than 2 hours to allocate the tradesperson for your area. As that tradesperson is hands on, it may take 24 hours (sometimes sooner), for the member to receive contact from that tradesperson, whereby the member can then arrange for a mutually convenient time to meet with the tradesperson on site to discuss requirements.

Q. How will I know how much the job will cost me?

A. Members will be charged a competitive commercial rate for the work carried out. Based on a description of the work provided by the member to CHMS, the tradesperson will be made aware of the member's requirements, however the tradesperson will present on site and discuss the requirements directly with the member and proceed to arrange a free estimate. If the member accepts the estimate, the tradesperson will make direct arrangements with the member to undertake the work at a timing that suits both parties.

Q. What if the tradesperson finds that the cost will be greater than the estimate given?

A. This can happen because the actual cause of the problem or the fix for the problem is not fully obvious until work commences, which may reveal a more complicated fix than the member and or tradesperson first thought. In these circumstances, the tradesperson will advise the member what the additional work involves, together with a firm quote for the additional work or goods required to complete the task. Once the explanation is given to the member together with the amended quote, the member then agrees or declines to proceed based on the new price.

If the member does not want to proceed based on the new price, there will be a charge to pay by the member for time, work and any consumables or goods used up to that time, because the tradesperson has attended the home thinking there was a job to complete, but now there is not. The tradesperson will be entitled to pass on their ‘billable' time to come to the member's home, investigate the issue and cover whatever activities and costs of goods used may have been undertaken to that point.

Q. Are quotes provided?

A. Yes, COTA Home Maintenance Services does provide Free Quotes. Often people just "want to know how much it would cost". Many commercial contractors do not provide free quotes because of the time it takes them to attend the site and have a look at the work to be carried out and because often, the job doesn't actually get completed. CHMS Franchisee Contractors provide this free as they seek to assist COTA Members whilst building their repeat customer base and so assist you again in the future.

Q. Who will bill me for the work done? And how do I pay?

A. When you receive your quote, discuss with the Tradesperson your preferred method of payment and ensure you both agree on this. On the completion of the job, you will receive an invoice from the Tradesperson who you will need to pay direct. Payment can be made by Cheque, Money Order or all major Credit Cards, or by specific arrangement made by you with the Tradesperson before work commenced. Payment using "cash" IS NOT RECOMMENDED as this is difficult to trace should the member have a claim or dispute regarding work carried out. A cheque, money order or credit card transaction provides an audit trail which will support the member / contractor payment arrangement should any dispute about this arise.

Q. Should I pay cash if the contractor offers this to me?

A. It is important that members do not accept offers to pay their account by "cash" from any tradespeople. Apart from the security element and risk this may create for an older person, any Tradespeople who offer discount in exchange for payment by "cash" indicates that they are unscrupulous and may be breaking the law, therefore CHMS does not encourage this practise.

Q. Is the work guaranteed?

A. Yes, all work undertaken for members via CHMS is warranted and that all workmanship will be carried out properly and professionally. Before the contractor is paid, the member must ensure they are fully satisfied with the work carried out. In the event of any problems, these can be either discussed directly with the Tradesperson concerned to ensure your full satisfaction before payment. CHMS also recommends we be advised if you have a dispute with the Tradesperson so that we can deal with the Tradesperson to ensure that the work is completed satisfactorily. This means members have CHMS to assist them with Tradespersons in the event of a dispute, during the job or after the work is completed.

Q. Can I use COTA Home Maintenance Services for out of business hours emergencies, such as burst pipes or electrical problems?

A. Yes. Emergency services will be available to members. However, calls outside of these business hours will be logged and responded to the very next business day. To enquire about COTA Home Maintenance Services or to book a job, call 1300 658 842. The hours are Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 6.00pm (South Australian time).

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COTA represents the rights, interests and needs of older people. Therefore, we advise members DO NOT accept a "discount for cash" from any tradesperson, as this can often indicate that the tradesperson may be unscrupulous. COTA Home Maintenance Service operates mobile EFTPOS; and accepts all major credit cards, cheque and money order. In every case, the contractor will have a review of completed work with you and ensure that the work has been carried out to your satisfaction before settling the account. Also, all work is accompanied via a formal written and receipted account, once payment has been made.

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