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Is Gardening getting beyond you? Do you seek help with regular Gardening maintenance or just a one-off tidy up?

COTA Home Maintenance Service can assist you with all your Gardening needs, whether just a one-off major clean up or regular cyclic grounds and gardening maintenance.

Call us now in Adelaide on 1300 658 842 to arrange a quote for all your Gardening needs.  


COTA represents the rights, interests and needs of older people. Therefore, we advise members DO NOT accept a "discount for cash" from any tradesperson, as this can often indicate that the tradesperson may be unscrupulous. COTA Home Maintenance Service operates mobile EFTPOS; and accepts all major credit cards, cheque and money order. In every case, the contractor will have a review of completed work with you and ensure that the work has been carried out to your satisfaction before settling the account. Also, all work is accompanied via a formal written and receipted account, once payment has been made.

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